Top 10 Tips on How to Test-Drive Used Cars

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a brand new car or a previously owned vehicle, test-driving it before finalizing your purchase is always recommended. KIA of Columbia sells used cars Columbia, SC for residents of Pontiac, Dentsville, and Blythewood. JT's KIA Columbia is one of these Columbia dealerships selling used cars. Drop by and test-drive the used car you want to buy from us any day!

How to Make the Most of Your Used Car Test-Drive

1. Before getting behind the wheels of the used-car, make a thorough appraisal of the condition the car is in outwardly. You don’t want to be blamed later for scratches and dents you didn’t make.

2. Don’t begin driving the car right after switching on the ignition. Examine any sounds that enter the car cabin. A noisy cabin can be a nuisance and is usually either a manufacturing flaw or symbolic of issues with the engine mounting/casing.

3. Drive through every gear made available in the car. You want to test the used car’s performance all the way through. Testing driving performance for your chosen used car in every gear allows you a subtle assessment of the car’s engine health, wheel alignment, and more.

4. Insist on driving over rough surfaces. Often car dealers will only allow test drives over a smooth road. Doing so doesn’t allow you to check up on the car’s suspension and steering ability.

5. Make frequent U-turns. You will be able to judge the condition the used car’s driving shafts are in this way.

6. Pay attention to the noises the car makes while you drive it. Sounds emanating from the engine or suspension can be tell-tale warning signs of the car’s declining health.

7. Test out the brakes at every speed. You’ll want them in optimal condition to prevent avoidable road accidents.

8. Drive with the AC on and off. You will be able to gauge the load on the engine the AC puts.

9. Drive at full capacity to understand better whether the used car has any faults in the suspension.

10. Change places to the co-passenger seat and ask somebody else to drive. Check out switches and controls for infotainment and other connectivity features and survey their working condition.

Source: Pexels