Signs that you may need to change your oil

 Kia Sorento

Signs That You May Need To Change Your Oil

Lubricating your vehicle regularly is essential when it comes to keeping it in its prime condition for as long as possible. If you haven’t been paying attention to your oil and notice the occurrences given below, they are signs that you need to change your oil immediately.

• Your oil change or check engine light illuminates
An illuminated oil change light on the vehicle’s dashboard is the most obvious indication signalling you get the essential fluid topped off. It is a crucial hint that your car doesn’t have enough oil. Sometimes, in more serious instances, the check engine light may turn on, indicating that your car is at high risk of engine damage since there isn’t enough oil.

• Your oil becomes dark and dirty
As oil gets used, the clean composition turns from being amber and a bit translucent to a darker color. This is because it is eventually filled with particles collected from the engine, thereby becoming more black and filthier. You have to check your engine oil at least once a month since you probably won’t be aware when this happens. All you have to do is remove the dipstick, wipe it off, return it to the oil tank, and then take it out again. If you cannot see the dipstick through the oil, it means that you need to replenish immediately.

• You can smell oil from inside your cabin
If you can sniff oil from inside the cabin of your car, it means you must change it as soon as possible. Especially if there's a strong odor, it indicates that there's a leak. If the smell is mixed with that of exhaust fumes or gas, it means that your car is overheating and oil is burning into the exhaust area. An overheating engine can result in serious damages, so make sure to change your oil immediately.

• Loud engine noise
When you have adequate clean oil in your car system, it lubricates the engine parts and avoids metal-to-metal brushing. This keeps your engine quiet. However, if there isn’t enough oil, your engine noise will increase. In severe cases, you may even hear loud rumbling and/or knocking sounds, indicating severe damage.

Source: Kia