Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Today, almost every new model has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These are vehicle assistant systems that sync your smartphone to your vehicle so you can have as much of a hands-free experience as possible. This not only improves safety but also promotes navigation and all other tasks that you normally do while driving on your phone. Several cars from Kia in Auburn also come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Let's inspect these assistant features.

Android Auto
Download and install the Android Auto App from the Play Store on your phone on your smartphone in order for the vehicle to acknowledge your phone. Use Google Assistant voice commands to regulate the system with Android Auto. When you have to call someone while driving, you can use voice dialing. Navigation uses Google Maps, making it simple for the driver. You can also stream music, check emails, react to texts, and use a lot of other applications.

Apple CarPlay 

The excellent thing about Apple CarPlay is that it's simple to install and run. Unlike Android Auto, you don't have to download the app to your phone. All you have to do is plug your phone into the console and just like that begin using your vehicle assistant system. Apple CarPlay is just like your iPhone, with fewer notifications. You discover the interface is familiar. Drivers can use either Siri or the toggle factory to navigate Apple CarPlay. This implies you can use voice orders to dial numbers, play voicemails, and also read aloud texts on request. 

With navigation, Apple CarPlay uses Apple Maps. It is difficult to choose between the two car assistant systems as it really is a matter of preference. That said, both have a user-friendly interface and come in handy when you want hands-free experience with your phone.

Source: Kia