2020 Kia Forte vs. 2020 Honda Civic

For those who are into compact sportscars that are affordable, they have two excellent options to choose between. There is the 2020 Kia Forte as well as the 2020 Honda Civic. Both these cars are exceptional pieces of machinery, and comparing them is a difficult prospect due to their peculiarities, which make them brilliant from one perspective and quite lacking from another. Nevertheless, here goes the comparison between them.

The Civic boasts a 1.5L direct-injection engine to the Forte's 2L MPI engine. They both provide almost the same amount of horsepower and are excellent in their category. The Kia Forte comes with excellent fuel economy, making it the perfect car for urban driving. 

The Civic does have a beautiful exterior, but it is not as classy or elegant as the Forte. Furthermore, the Civic does not have headlights with great performance, something that the Forte has. Thus, when it comes to exteriors, it is the Forte that is better than the Civic.

Both the cars have exceptional interiors with the Civic having huge amounts of space and the Forte having a very suave-looking interior. The only issue here is with the Civic's infotainment center, which is a little dated when compared with the Forte.

The Civic, relying on the well-maintained Honda mass production machinery provides excellent value for money for all its models. The Forte has excellently priced models beyond its base model. The higher up the model ladder you climb in the Forte category, the more the price justifies itself.


To sum up, people who are a little budget-conscious can opt for the Honda Civic as it has good mileage and provides great value for money. But, if you’re looking for a classy, stylish, fuel-efficient, and affordable choice, then the Kia Forte is the clear winner. 

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Source: Kia