Interior Technologies of the 2020 Kia Sedona


Cars today are packed with new technologies both on the interior and exterior. However, unlike the past, when people paid more attention to the outside, today's customers give equal importance to the interior innovations as well.


Many car manufacturers have concentrated on their vehicle cabins to ensure the comfort of passengers. Kia is no exception to this rule and has packed the 2020 Sedona with a vast number of interior technologies. Let's take a look at these in detail below.


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Wire-free Bluetooth Connectivity – Want to stay connected to the world even while you are driving? The wire-free Bluetooth connectivity of the 2020 Sedona has been designed to allow for ease of access. Now, you can pick calls, dictate text messages, and ask for navigation to a certain area all through one click of a button on your steering wheel.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connectivity – There's an 8-inch touchscreen in place to facilitate the infotainment system of the Kia. The infotainment system now comes with connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. This will help you carry out all your smartphone tasks without taking your eyes off the road even for a blink. All you need to do is speak to Siri in the case of Apple CarPlay, or utter "Ok Google" for Android Auto.


Heated Front Seats – Take frequent cross country long drives, or have recently developed overwhelming back pain? The Kia Sedona has you covered with its heated front seats. These will keep you warm in the coldest of drives and offer a cozy massage in the case of an unbearable backache.


Heated Steering Wheel – Do you feel like you're about to freeze to death every time you touch your steering wheel on a cold winter morning? Avoid such issues forever with the heated steering wheel specialty of the 2020 Sedona. These will keep your hands sweaty in the coldest of weather and through the longest of drives.

Source: Kia