Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned

Purchasing certified pre-owned (CPO Program) cars are the sweet spot in between getting a new ride and a second-hand one. If you wish to avoid both the drastic price depreciation in the 1st year of purchasing a new car and getting handed a piece of junk that requires regular maintenance, then a CPO car will be your best bet. There are a number of certified pre-owned cars at JT's Kia. Before you make up your mind, let's learn how exactly how a CPO will benefit you. 

Advantages of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
Do not have a vehicle history report of major accidents - Pre-owned cars need to have an accident free history to get certified. Vehicles that are damaged in such incidents tend to show defects even after repair. So, the pre-owned cars that get certified have not undergone any major repair work and are hence sturdy and a dependable ride.

Well-Inspected Cars
Certified pre-owned cars are inspected rigorously before they are made available for purchase. Right from the car's suspension to its steering wheels, there are more than 150 points checked thoroughly by most companies before they certify it. This makes CPO cars one of the most reliable rides that you can buy. 

Warranty Available
You can avoid the risk of buying a used car without a car warranty by purchasing a CPO vehicle. A used car can come with a number of defects and issues. Addressing these problems without the backing of a warranty can burn a hole in your pocket. But the CPO cars cover this requirement by providing warranties. You must also keep in mind that the coverage provided by the different brands under their warranty policies tend to differ. 

Financing Options are Available
As most certified pre-owned cars are sold by the same dealers who sell new cars, you could avail of various financing options. There are a number of monthly deals and special financing schemes that give you lower annual percentage rates and help you save a lot on your purchase. 

If you are looking for CPO vehicles in or around Columbia, SC, visit JT's Kia, your local Kia dealer to know more. A test-drive and a physical examination of such cars can help you a lot to determine the right ride for you. If you live in Pontiac, Dentsville, or Blythewood, visit the JTs Kia Columbia dealership in Columbia, SC, to avail the best offers. 

Source: Kia