Protect Your Kia This Winter with these Simple Tips

Protecting and shielding your car from the elements of the cold is as important as keeping yourself safe. Your Kia faces the brunt of the weather when it drops, as your vehicle is always outside. Read on to know more about how you should take care of your Kia during the winter season.

Check your Heating and Defrosting Units

One of the first things is to check the heating and defrosting units of your car. If the vehicle fogs up due to condensation, you should be able to defrost it immediately, as it is the only way you will regain visibility. If you have issues with your heating unit, take it to a mechanic. They will also check for air leaks through which cold air can enter your vehicle.

Keep Your Tires in Good Condition

Icy roads and bald tires make a dangerous combination during the colder season. Your tires must be equipped to handle roads in this weather. Depending on the conditions of the place you live in, you can opt for either regular or snow tires. If you choose to use the former, keep the air pressure stable. The latter provides you with increased control, a stronger braking system, and better traction.

Change the Oil

Change your engine oil to one with low internal friction. During colder months, oil tends to freeze over, causing your engine to sputter and die. Ensure that the oil you use during winters weighs "5", as compared to the oil weight of "30" during summertime.

Check Your Windshield Wipers and Wiper Fluid

It would help if you changed your windshield wipers when they are no longer efficient at clearing away debris from your car. Ideally, you should replace the wipers every year at the onset of winter. Also, ensure that your wiper fluid is always topped up, as the liquid can help break away large debris on your windshield. Taking preventative measures and protecting your Kia against the turn of the weather can help save you in a spot, no matter the current conditions. Be sure that your tires, engine system, and your interiors are always up to date and ready to handle every weather.

Source: Pexels