What is the Cause of Wheel Alignment Issues?

One of the foremost regular maintenance tasks you need to carry out on your car is making sure its wheels are aligned. Your vehicle’s wheel alignment looks after the holistic wellbeing of the wheels, ensuring they function optimally and protecting them from premature wear. In fact, correct vehicular wheel alignment also aids in achieving improved fuel economy, preventing you from having to spend on expensive suspension repairs, and allowing for an overall smooth driving experience. Wheel alignment issues arise from three major factors, they are –

Modifying your Car’s Height – Although not commonly engaged in by average drivers, some drivers like to modify the height of their car. If you’ve recently modified the height of your car, you must examine your car’s wheel alignment too. It is because your car’s suspension had been designed to work for it at a certain height, and interfering with this will misalign your car’s tires. 

Wearing Down of Car Parts – Car wheel misalignment may result from the gradual wearing down of your car’s parts, if for no other reason. The alignment between your car’s steering wheel and its wheels rests on your car’s suspension, so if the suspension spring of your car gets worn out, it will result in improperly aligned car wheels. Servicing your car on the schedule will help keep abreast with information on worn out parts in your car, so you can replace them when necessary and help your car function as promised.

Sudden Impact – The most common culprit behind misaligned wheels in a car is subjecting it to sudden impact. Driving over small bumps can be enough to throw your car wheel’s alignment off. Of course, the bigger the obstacle, the more the possibility for your car wheel’s alignment to suffer. It might not always be possible to save your car from this impact felt, but practicing driving carefully can minimize the jolt you subject it to. 

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