Difference Between Drive and Sport Mode

Depending on the need of your car, as well as your personal preference, you can opt for either the drive or sport mode to navigate through the roads. Kia cars offer five different drive settings, based on which the function of your car can be dynamically adjusted to suit your preferences. Read on to understand the difference between the various drive and sport modes in your Kia. To know more about them, visit any Kia Dealerships nearby, but the open hours may vary based on location.

Comfort Mode

The default Comfort Mode in Kia models is perfect for all your daily trips. This mode offers minimum steering effort, where the steering is balanced with self-centering and good accuracy. With this mode, the driver can experience lighter handling, relaxed acceleration, as well as a smooth suspension for easy driving. 

Eco Mode 

The main intention of the Eco Mode is an economical and eco-friendly driving experience. With this mode, you can significantly improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency – for both urban and highway roads. It also comes with slightly lower power output. 

Smart Mode

The Smart Mode uses intelligent technology to identify your style of driving and automatically switch between Comfort, Eco, and Sport modes to ensure that you do not have to make the effort of choosing. 

You will find the right balance between performance, fuel economy, and operation. Depending on the condition of the road, as well as your style of driving, the system will also adjust steering preferences to offer the most comfortable drive. 

Custom Mode

As the name suggests, the Custom Mode enables the driver to choose, with the flexibility to adjust the car’s suspension, throttle, as well as its steering characteristics. 

Sports Mode

Lastly, the Sports Mode is one of the more exciting options, best-suited for driving on the highway. This mode will offer better handling, enhanced control, as well as more responsive steering, especially while moving at higher speeds. This mode is targeted towards people who prioritize performance over all else. The sporty feel comes about with the quick throttle response and the weighty steering. Additionally, you can maintain traction at all times thanks to the electronic safety nets available with this mode. 

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Source: Pexels