Five Reasons to Buy Used KIA from Dealer

Used KIA cars are sold by almost every used car dealership. So, what are the advantages of purchasing your used KIA car from a KIA dealership? We find out in this article.

Why You Should Buy Your Used KIA from KIA of Columbia

If you are a resident of Columbia, SC, or reside in the areas of Pontiac, Dentsville, or Blythewood, don’t visit a second-hand or used car dealership to purchase a used KIA vehicle. Come to JT's KIA Columbia, our KIA of Columbia showroom instead. As an authentic KIA dealership, here is how we score upon other used car dealerships when it comes to selling pre-owned KIA cars –

Better Stocked Inventory – We offer trade-ins for KIA vehicle owners wishing to sell their used cars and buy a brand new KIA car. We are able to offer a wider variety of used KIA vehicles this way.

We Sell Off-Lease KIA Cars – Most other used car dealerships stock used cars that were a part of a rental fleet. These vehicles have standard features. The Off-lease KIA vehicles we sell often provide higher-end features and better value for money. You will also find that these previously leased vehicles are generally in better quality than the rental fleet KIA vehicles sold elsewhere.

We Provide Complete Service History – Buy your used KIA vehicle from an original and authorized KIA dealership, and you will be able to avail its entire service history. Unlike a few other used car dealerships, we never try to hide any information about the used cars we sell. 

You Can Choose From Our CPO Program – Our Certified Pre-Owned KIA Program sells previously owned vehicles that have qualified a multi-point inspection by KIA technicians vouching for its quality. If you wish, you can benefit from buying a CPO KIA vehicle rather than purchasing a basic used vehicle.

Dependable CPO Program Advantages – The KIA CPO Program that we extend to our customers grants them with a peace of mind other used KIA Vehicles cannot. Besides the multi-point inspection that the KIA CPO car undergoes, customers also benefit from an extended range of guarantees provided on such vehicles. You are offered an extensive powertrain warranty, which covers possibly expensive repairs for at least a year. You can even avail KIA’s splendid Roadside Assistance services with a KIA CPO car.

Source: Kia