Who is JT?

John T. (JT) Gandolfo was born July, 15th 1951 in New York City. His father moved the family to Wilmington, Delaware in 1961 to pursue his career in Human Resources. Shortly after graduating the University of Delaware, JT married his wife Mary, who to this day, continues to be the cornerstone of his existence. He graduated Villanova Law School in 1977 and became a member of the Delaware Bar where he practiced law for three years as a prosecutor and another two years as a lawyer in private practice.

JT’s love for the car business began during his time in law school when he sold cars at a Pontiac dealership in Wilmington, Delaware to pay his way through law school. JT left his law practice in 1982 and decided to make his return to car sales. Armed with a law degree and eager to pursue his automotive career, his positions at dealerships included management, sales training, and legal advisor. JT served as head of Governor Mark Sanford's DMV task force whose overhaul was one of Mark's biggest accomplishments while in office. JT’s experiences there provided him the foundation to one day own his own dealership.

That opportunity came in 1990 when the Chrysler Corporation selected JT as a candidate to participate in their Marketing Investment Division. This was a program designed to help new dealers become established with the help of Chrysler and are how he came to own Dodgeland of Columbia. He worked under their guidance until 1994 when he bought out their portion of ownership and moved the dealership to its current location on Greystone Blvd where it is now known as JTs Dodgeland of Columbia. In the years following, JT has opened three JD Byrider Pre-Owned Car Dealerships as well as JTs Kia of Columbia, JTs Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lexington, JTs Kia of Rock Hill and the list keeps growing!

JT is also an active participant in the automobile community outside of his own dealership organization. He is a past Board Member of the South Carolina Automobile Dealers’ Association and a current member of Kia National Council. In addition, JT and his employees recognize the importance of staying involved in the community. He is currently on the board for the Salvation Army, an organization in which many of his employees choose to donate their time. He also sits on the board for the Boy Scouts of America and is a past president of his Rotary club.

JT’s roots have grown deeply over the years and he is proud to call South Carolina home. JT has taken great pride and pleasure watching his employees prosper and give back to the community in their own ways. In many regards, he thinks of them as his own family. JT’s own two sons Jonathan and Andy are both involved in the family businesses. Collectively they have enjoyed serving their customers and look forward to many more years to come.